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307 BTM


c. 100 BTM

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Aeolior was the daughter of Yalkara and Gyllias, making her a blending of Charon and old human.

Biography Edit

Yalkara gave birth to Aeolior shortly before fleeing Santhenar through a warp in the Forbidding. Yalkara left Aeolior with the responsibility of safely unmaking the Forbidding, the secret of which was hidden within her birthright, the Mirror of Aachan, which would be unable to pratice its deceits upon her whilest she wore Yalkara's trademark Aachan gold. Gyllias would raise Aeolior, however, she would eventually be kidnapped, by Faelamor, whilst Gyllias was away.

Faelamor forced Aeolior to mate with her own son, Galgilliel, so as to create a triune. This eventually succeeded, resulting in Maigraith. However, Faelamor took Maigraith from Aeolior, who then went insane, killing Galgilliel, before commiting suicide; never fulfilling the responsibility left to her by Yalkara.

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