Alcifer is the great city designed by Pitlis and Rulke. It was intended to act as a construct, however, small alterations to its design, caused it to act faulty. Later, the lyrinx city of Oellyll was constructed underneath it.

History Edit

Early History Edit

At the conclusion of the Clysm, Rulke persuaded Pitlis into helping him design a truely great city. In his folly, Pitlis agreed to aid Rulke and after many years of work he had designed plans for the great city of Alcifer. However, Pitlis had altered small, but important, details of Alcifer's designs, so as to hinder Rulke's plans for it.

Having worked so closely to Pitlis, Rulke had learnt the nature of his mind and hence had been able to guess the secret defences of the Aachim city of Tar Gaarn. Rulke attacked Tar Gaarn, successfully destroying the city. Pitlis, in his guilt, exiled himself from the Aachim. However, some years later, he would heard rumors of a great city, Alcifer, constructed by Rulke. Pitlis made his way to Alcifer, his own design, and attempted to assassinate Rulke; only to be killed by the mighty Charon himself.

The Taking of Rulke Edit

In approximately 1,000 BTM the Council of Santhenar ventured to Alcifer, so as to capture Rulke and defeat him with the use of the Proscribed Experiments. At the same moment as the Council attacked, Rulke attempted to use the hidden purpose of Alcifer, that of a construct, to break open the Forbidding. However, the alterations made to the original designs of Alcifer, by Pitlis, caused this purpose to fail.

The Council procceeded to capture Rulke; Mendark forced him to possess the mind of Yggur, who had been attempting to use the Proscribed Experiments to defeat him, whilest Tensor forced the subsequently vulnerable body of Rulke into a small pinched off bubble of the Forbidding, known as the Nightland.

The Lyrinx War Edit

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Appearances Edit

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