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Anabyng, often referred to as Great Anabyng, was the most accomplished warrior of the lyrinx during the Lyrinx War, as well as their most powerful mancer.

During the battle of Gumby Marth, Anabyng matched his skill with the Art against Jal-Nish Hlar, who had recently acquired the Profane Tears. Scrutator Hlar very nearly defeated Great Anabyng, however, the lyrinx was able to defeat the scrutator.

Anabyng would often advise Matriarch Gyrull, before her death, on matters of importance and was assigned watch over the geomancer, Gilhaelith, for some time. After the lyrinx escaped Santhenar, Anabyng remained behind to die, so as not to have his and Gyrull's bones sundered by the void.

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