Battle of Gumby Marth

Lyrinx War


207 ATM


Gumby Marth


Defeat of the Council's army, and the faked death of Scrutator Jal-Nish Hlar; who escaped with the Profane Tears


Council of Scrutators



Heavy casualties

Heavy casualties

Campaigns of the Lyrinx War
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The Battle of Gumby Marth was a battle between an army of old humans headed by Scrutator Jal-Nish Hlar and a lyrinx force lead by their greatest mancer; Anabyng. The lyrinx ambushed Scrutator Hlar's army, having stone-formed themselves. However, with the power of the Profane Tears, Hlar secretly knew of the lyrinx's presence and hoped to defeat them with a show of his Art, due to it being dramatically enhanced with the tears. However, Hlar's plan failed miserably and his army suffered heavy losses, while he fled with the tears, having faked his death.

Origins Edit

Due to his ambitions to be promoted from an acting-scrutator, to an actual scrutator, Jal-Nish Hlar presented the Council of Scrutators with a bold scheme that held the potential to rescue the thousands of clankers that had been stranded at Snizort, following the battle and destruction of the node there.

Acting-Scrutator Hlar's plan was to have bullock teams of buffalo, horses and men, haul the stranded clankers seven leagues from Snizort to the nearest node with an active field. Following Scrutator Flydd's failure at the battle of Snizort, and his subsequent demotion to slave, Hlar saw his chance to gain admittance to the Council itself. The Council accepted the acting-scrutator's scheme, and shortly after the Chief Scrutator has Hlar sentence his on son, Cryl-Nish Hlar, to slavery and hauling clankers, he is promoted to scrutator.

Scrutator Hlar's plan is a success and he then leads an army of fourty thousand men to Gumby Marth to do battle with a force of lyrinx numbering seven thousand. However, Hlar, having recently secretly taken possession of the Profane Tears, learns that the lyrinx had secretly stone-formed themselves and that their numbers were much nearer to thirty thousand; though he does not inform anyone else of this, as he hopes to use the tears to annihilate the lyrinx in a brilliant show of the Art and gain admittance to the Council or even the position of chief scrutator.

The Gift of the Tears Edit

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Discovery of the Lyrinx Edit

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Jal-Nish vs. Anabyng Edit

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Ensuing battle Edit

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Aftermath Edit

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