Clan Nifferlin is a family of old humans, known for having a strange talent for the Secret Art. Clan Nifferlin was virtually destroyed following Jal-Nish Hlar's rise to power, however a small remnant were able to survive due to a members ability to deceive the God-Emepror's wisp-watchers.

Clan Nifferlin were responsilbe for Cryl-Nish Hlar's escape from Mazurhize prison, and a member of the clan became an important figure during the Civil War of Santhenar; Maelys Nifferlin.

Prior to their destruction, Clan Nifferlin resided at Nifferlin Manor in the province of Fadd.

Known Members Edit

Family Tree Edit

|    |    |
Haga Bugi Lyma----+----Rudigo
             |         | 
   Maelys Nifferlin Fyllis

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