The Clysm

1,500 BTM


Between 1,040 BTM and 1,000 BTM




The fall of Tar Gaarn.





The Clysm was a series of wars between the Aachim and the Charon that begun in 1,500 BTM. The Clysm resulted in the almost total devastation of Santhenar.

Origins Edit

After the Forbidding shut the Aachim of Santhenar off from their beloved homworld, Aachan, they turned their minds to making their way on Santhenar. Because the Aachim of Santhenar were strong in their own right, and tireless when they had a goal, they quickly grew to become a great nation.

It soon became the will of the Aachim to construct a great city, that would rival any on Santhenar; even those of the Charon. Pitlis was chosen to design this great city, because as an architect and builder he had no equal. The city that Pitlis raised was incomparable. Tar Gaarn, as the city was known, was also raised with a purpose; it was a great fortress and could act as a final refuge should the other Aachim cities fall. Pitlis and his Aachim knew that war with the Charon, with Rulke in particular, was inevitable, as tensions had grown steadily.

The Clysm Edit

The Clysm shortly broke out and fullscale war between the Aachim and Charon lasted for centuries. Rulke was impossiblly strong, while Tar Gaarn proved to be an impregnable fortress.

At the beginning of the war, the Aachim attempted to use a very powerful mind-blasting potency upon Rulke however, his new allies the Zain had recieved the Gift of Rulke that reflected the potency back at the Aachim, killing many.

Truce Edit

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Aftermath Edit

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