A 'mancers duel or simply a duel occured when two or more combatants, who were adepts of the Secret Art, engaged in combat by directing their powers against one another. Mancers would often use crystals, artifacts or other devices capable of drawing or storing power as a weapon to lend an advantage against their opponents. Duels could prove extremely taxing, as the effort required to overcome an opponent skilled in the Art would inevitably result in dreadful aftersickness.

The following are known examples of duels to have occured in the history of the Three Worlds:

Date Combatant(s) 1 Combatant(s) 2 Location Outcome Article
Unknown; between 3,450 BTM and 307 BTM Faelamor Yalkara Unknown Draw None
Unknown; between 3,450 BTM and 307 BTM Faelamor Yalkara Unknown Draw None
Unknown; between 3,450 BTM and 307 BTM Faelamor Yalkara Unknown Draw None
1,500 BTM Rulke Half a dozen Aachim Unknown All participants incapacitated; Rulke recovers and eliminates opponents None
1,000 BTM Mendark
Remaining members of the Council of Santhenar
Rulke Alcifer Rulke captured and cast into Nightland, Yggur possessed and driven insane Taking of Rulke
307 BTM Faelamor Yalkara Tar Gaarn Yalkara injured and forced to flee to Aachan, Faelamor fakes death Duel in the Ruins of Tar Gaarn
0 BTM Maigraith Yggur Fiz GorgoMaigraith imprisoned Duel in Fiz Gorgo
0 BTM Mendark Yggur Thurkad Mendark retreats None
0 BTM Mendark Thyllan Wharf city Thyllan incapacitated None
1 ATM Yggur Faelamor Thurkad Stalemate; Yggur humiliated None
1 ATM Faelamor Tensor Katazza Stalemate; Tensor briefly incapacitated, Faelamor retreats First Duel of Katazza
1 ATM Mendark
A dozen Aachim
Rulke Katazza Rulke incapacitated; retreats to Nightland Second Duel of Katazza
1 ATM Maigraith Thyllan Thurkad Defeat of Thyllan Duel in the War Room
2 ATM Yggur A thranx Carcharon The thranx retreats None
2 ATM Malien A thranx Gothryme Manor The thranx retreats First Duel of Gothryme
2 ATM Malien
A thranx Gothryme Manor The thranx retreats Second Duel of Gothryme
2 ATM Faelamor Shand Elludore Faelamor retreats None
2 ATM Faelamor Some fifty-two illusionists Elludore Death of majority of illusionists; those remaining alive have talent stripped from them Attack on Elludore
2 ATM Faelamor Rulke Shazmak Rulke defeats Faelamor with construct; however she escapes Battle of Shazmak
2 ATM Rulke Tensor Shazmak Death of Rulke and Tensor Battle of Shazmak
2 ATM Mendark A thranx Shazmak Death of Mendark and thranx Battle of Shazmak
100 ATM Numinator Council of Santhenar Unknown Numinator overthrows Council; forms Council of Scrutators None
207 ATM Fyn-Mah Ryll Unknown Fyn-Mah incapacitated, Ryll escapes None
207 ATM Fyn-Mah Ryll
Ice plateau Fyn-Mah incapacitated, Ryll and Besant escape Mission to the Ice Plateau
207 ATM Malien Liett
Two other lyrinx
Tirthrax Two lyrinx incapacitated; Liett escapes None
207 ATM Xervish Flydd A mancer Tiksi manufactory Flydd incapacitated; mancer killed by Irisis Stirm None
208 ATM Fyn-Mah A lyrinx Snizort Lyrinx defeated None
208 ATM Jal-Nish Hlar Anabyng Gumby Marth Hlar defeated and presumed killedBattle of Gumby Marth
208 ATM Malien Anabyng Alcifer Stalemate; Malien weakened by effort of maintaining a concealment None
208 ATM Yggur Two mancers Fiz Gorgo Mancers defeated and killed None
208 ATM Yggur Ghorr
Three mancers
Fiz Gorgo Three mancers killed, whilst Ghorr overpowers a gravely weakened Yggur Attack on Fiz Gorgo
208 ATM Gilhaelith Gyrull Gilhaelith defeated; kills Gyrull with crossbow None
219 ATM Jal-Nish Hlar Vivimord Mistmurk Mountain Stalemate; Vivimord retreats Attack on Mistmurk Mountain

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