Ghâshâd Insurrection


Second Battle of Thurkad


Battle of Bannador

Duel in the War Room

Thyllan's Insurrection






Defeat of Thyllan and the victory of Yggur's Empire, under Maigraith.


Yggur's Empire

Thyllan's Forces


None; Maigraith severely wounded.

None; Thyllan wounded and utterly defeated.

"You're a murderer, a liar and a fraud. Your pathetic Art wouldn't have troubled me when I was a child."
Maigraith to Thyllan.

The Duel in the War Room was a fierce battle of the Secret Art, between mancers Maigraith and Thyllan, during the Second Battle of Thurkad. Maigraith's superior skill with the Art and subsequent defeat of Thyllan brought an end to the battle for Thurkad, as well as Thyllan's leadership of his forces.

Origins Edit

All the armies of Yggur's Empire, except the First, having been subverted by the Ghâshâd during their insurrection, Thyllan's forces seemed set to overwhelm the forces defending Thurkad, under the leadership of Yggur's most senior surviving soldier; Marshal Vanhe.

Recognizing that he, a mere soldier, could never match wills with a mancer of Thyllan's power, Vanhe begged Yggur's partner, Maigraith, to take up leadership of Yggur's Empire, for the remainder of Yggur's absence. Maigraith reluctantly accepted command, though she saw herself as merely Vanhe's puppet.

Vanhe had Maigraith engage in negotiations with Thyllan and his generals, along with the remnants of the Council of Santhenar (Thyllan having proclaimed himself Magister) and the Assembly. Vanhe and Maigraith each knew that their army had been defeated by Thyllan, but hoped to appear stronger than they actually were, to gain the chance of escaping with their lives.

"Take her!"
I challenge you Thyllan — you against me. Do you dare? Are you the equal of one frail woman, or must your dogs do the job for you?"
—Maigraith challenges Thyllan.

However, shortly into the negotiations period, a messenger boy named Bindy appeared exclaiming that Thyllan had committed treachery. Thyllan immediatly cuts the boy down, who dies in Maigraith's arms. Seconds later, Bindy's cries of treachery are proven correct, when twenty of Thyllans soldiers storm the war room, violating the blue flag. In her rage at the death of the young boy, Maigraith challenges Thyllan to a duel; who unable to lose face in front of his officers, accepts her.

Duel Edit

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Aftermath Edit

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