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"Elienor wasn't weak, nor the despised blending Karan when she helped you to bring noble Tensor down. Nor you, Malien, when you helped Tiaan in Tirthrax, and ever after."Vithis

Elienor was a legendary heroine of the Aachim. She formed a great House and founded the least of the Eleven Clans, Clan Elienor.


Elienor lived long before the Time of the Mirror in the years before the taking of Aachan. Elienor lived with her family when the Charon invaded her world. The greatest of the Charon, Rulke, happened upon her family home in a berserker rage after being separated from the rest of the Charon. Rulke brutally murdered Elienor's entire family but in his blind rage failed to notice her, the smallest and fairest of the Aachim. Elienor seized her chance and used a seeing device to alert the rest of the Aachim to the presence of the Charon upon their world. Rulke attacked the small woman, however, she quickly incapacitated him by dealing him a deadly knife wound.

Thanks to Elienor's timely warning half of the Charon were killed and the remaining Hundred captured and forced to stand trial. During the trial of the Hundred, Rulke surprised everyone by appearing from nowhere to capture the Aachim's elderly leaders, Mahthis and Briorne of Clan Inthis. To Elienor's despair, instead of fighting for their world, Mahthis and Briorne's Clan Inthis guards refused to fight the Charon at the expense of their leaders lives, allowing the Hundred Charon to enslave the Aachim and take the world of Aachan for their own.

Rulke considered Elienor to be his nemesis and said four thousand years later that she was "ever safe" from him, for unknown reasons. Among the Aachim she was considered to be a great heroine due to her ability to injure Rulke, a feat no other dared.

Elienor founded a great House and formed the least of the Eleven Clans, Clan Elienor.

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