Species information
Eye colour


Skin colour

Rosewood coloured and transparent

Hair colour

Dark or Translucent




Feline like eyes, colourless skin.

"The Faellem are sheep!"

The Faellem were one of two human species native to the world of Tallallame. In millennia past, the Faellem cast the other species native to Tallallame, the Mariem, into the void to die- in order to protect Tallallame from their rapid industrialization.

Thousands of years later many Faellem ventured to Santhenar in the hunt for the Golden Flute, led by their most powerful mancer Faelamor. After the Forbidding closed off the Way Between the Worlds the Faellem of Santhenar became marooned and set up home in the region of Mirrilladell, whilst their brethren on Tallallame slowly devolved into uncivilized barbarians.


Faellem were forbidden from using magical devices.

Every Faellem child learned how to play a nanollet as a child.

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