Ghaenis was a noble born Aachim of Aachan, the son of Tirior and heir to the leadership of Clan Nataz.


Ghaenis was born on Aachan, the son of Tirior, leader of Clan Nataz. He fled violent volcanic activity on Aachan along with nine-tents of the Aachim population in 208 ATM through a gate created by Tiaan Liise-Mar on Santhenar.

Over a year later, Ghaenis was present at the battle of Snizort, at the conclusion of which the Aachim leader Vithis finally captured Tiaan in the hopes of discovering the secret behind her flying construct. The Aachim's own machines were rendered completely useless following the destruction of the Snizort node, however, Ghaenis believed he could use Tiaan's dangerous ampliment to draw on a distant node to power the constructs and move them to safety. Although, Vithia cautioned against it, the Aachim leader reluctantly agreed to Ghaenis's plan.

At first it seemed that Ghaenis's plan would work perfectly, however, the ampliment turned on the Aachim viciously, anthracising Ghaenis gruesomely in the middle of the Aachim war camp.

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