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"Gyrull was not matriarch of a great and powerful race for nothing."

Gyrull was the Matriarch of the lyrinx cities of Snizort and Oellyll. She was pre-eminent amongst the matriarchs as the supreme leader of the lyrinx in times of grave crisis. Gyrull was an extremely far-sighted and powerful mancer, as well as the mother of Liett.

With the help of the geomancer Gilhaelith, the lyrinx were able to uncover ancient relics in the tar pits of Snizort and the insight the artifacts provided changed Gyrull's leadership style dramatically. She had learnt the truth of the origins of the lyrinx; they had once been old human.

During Gilhaelith's escape from Oellyll, he trapped the matriarch inside the spore infected city. Gyrull eventually escaped, but was caught by Gilhaelith who stole the relics from her, fatally shooting her with a crossbow, when his Arts proved inferior to hers. Her last act as matriarch was to name Ryll her successor.


Tetrarch Edit

In 209 ATM, Matriarch Gyrull ordered the capture of the great mancer Gilhaelith in order to force him to use his geomantic powers to scry out the location of the ancient city of Lyr-Rinx within the Great Seep of Snizort.

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