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Illiel was the first born son of Maigraith and Rulke. He was the twin brother of Rulken and the father of Liel.

Biography Edit

Illiel was born three days before his brother. He was a small, golden skinned child; very Faellem in appearance, so his mother never took to him, due to her resentment of her Faellem heritage. Maigraith named him Illiel, after her father, Galgilliel. He was held by Malien, only days after his birth, and she later mentioned that he grew to be a good scholary man indicating that they remained in contact.

Maigraith scorned her firstborn son and eventually sent him off to take up home with the Faellem. Illiel became a quiet, scholary man, who was devoted to his mancery, though his mother did not believe that he ever employeed it on anything useful. He eventually had a daughter, Liel, who he hid away from his mother, who wished to use her to create the quartine species, as a memorial to Rulke.

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