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"She was a wonderful woman, but perfection - far from it! She would have been the first person to tell you her faults."
Xervish Flydd

Irisis Stirm was an artisan, crafter and later overseer at the manufactory near Tiksi in the later years of the Lyrinx War. She had a talent for the Art, however it was blocked from her for most of her life, until Ullii the Seeker helped her to rediscover it.

She was a close friend and confidant of Scrutator Xervish Flydd and accompanied him on many of his journeys. She was bitterly hated by Jal-Nish Hlar, due to saving his life after being brutally attacked by a lyrinx, when he had begged for death. She was one of the greatest heroes of the lyrinx war and later aided the lyrinx escape to Tallallame.

Irisis was the love of Cryl-Nish Hlars life and she was not forgotten by him, even ten years after her death at the hands of Jal-Nish, who came to power as the God-Emperor of Santhenar and had her executed to extract his revenge. This proved Jal-Nish Hlar's undoing however, as he was forced to resurrect Irisis to learn about the creation of the Profane Tears creating the one person who could take advantage of their antithesis, destroying them, him and her resurrected self.

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