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23 BTM

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"She was the best friend anyone could have, and you destroyed her."
Yggur to the Numinator

Karan Elienor Melluselde Fyrn, also known as Karan of Bannador and derogatorily as Karan Kin-Slayer, was a female triune and a member of the House of Fyrn. She was a descendent of the Aachim House of Elienor through her father Galliad and had a distant Faellem ancestor through her mother Vuula Fyrn. Karan's heritage as a triune marked her as an extremely powerful sensitive. She was perhaps the greatest heroine from the Time of the Mirror.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Karan was born to a half-Aachim father, Galliad, who was descended from the House of Elienor, and Vuula Fyrn of Gothryme Manor in Bannador. Unknown to Vuula, she herself was distantly descended from a Faellem man who once dwelt near Gothryme, making her daughter a triune. Galliad died near Carcharon whilst Karan was a young girl, and Vuula committed suicide shortly afterwards out of grief-stricken madness.

Karan was sent to live with her mothers people and was treated cruelly. Remembering a story her father once told her, of the hidden Aachim city of Shazmak, Karan ventured there and was accepted by the Aachim for she so reminded them of her paternal grandmother, Mantille.

Karan was happy with the Aachim, for a time. However, one among them, Emmant, began to stalk her and feeling that the Aachim did not deal with the situation appropriately, Karan left and returned to Gothryme, claiming her modest inheritance.

A Shadow on the Glass Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

"She knew what I was going to do before I knew it myself. Karan is a powerful sensitive - perhaps even stronger than I am." - Mendark

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