The Last House of the Charon is a reference to the only known remaining family to carry Charon blood. The first known member of the family is the Charon, Yalkara, whose relationship with the old human, Gyllias, resulted in the birth of a blending daughter Aeolior in 307 BTM. Yalkara would also secretly mate with her fellow Charon, Rulke, in the Nightland sometime between 0 BTM and 2 ATM, resulting in a full blooded Charon son; Emberr.

Aeolior would be kidnapped by the leader of the Faellem, Faelamor, and forced to mate with her son Galgilliel. This coupling eventually resulted in a triune, Maigraith in approximately 100 BTM. Maigraith would proceed to mate with Rulke in 2 ATM, not knowing her grandmother had previously been impregnated by him, and this resulted in the birth of twins; Illiel and Rulken.

Maigraith would not take to her firstborn, Illiel, because of his Faellem appearance and so would banish him to live with the Faellem. Sometime later, Illiel would father a daughter; Liel. Rulken on the other hand would spread his seed far, fathering an illegitimate son, Gilhaelith, in 27 ATM.

Gilhaelith would die in 208 ATM, never having fathered a child, while Liel's offspring would be killed during the Lyrinx War. Emberr, having spent his life in the Nightland, is known to have only ever slept with one woman, Maelys Nifferlin, and it is as of yet unknown if this coupling resulted in a child, prior to Emberr's death only moments after the act.

Family treeEdit

Gyllias--+--Yalkara           Faelamor--+--Faellem man
         |                              |
                                    |            |
                               +----+----+    Emberr
                               |         |
          Unknown woman--+--Illiel    Rulken--+--Unknown woman
                         |                    |
                       Liel              Gilhaelith

Appearances Edit

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