A mind-blasting potency, known in the tongue of the Aachim as hakasha ka-najisska, was an extremely powerful spell, created by the Aachim as a weapon against the Charon, particularly Rulke.

The Aachm created the potency during ancient times in order to combat Rulke's overwhelming power. When they first attempted to use the potency to destroy the Charon prince it backfired terribly. Ten Aachin confronted Rulke, one cast the potency against the Charon, while the remainder prepared lesser spells in the event they were needed. Although the potency hurt Rulke, it had the unintended consequence of triggering the other spells being prepared against him, killing four of the Aachim and injuring the rest terribly. Rulke recovered before the surviving Aachim and punished them cruelly for their attempt on his life.

Later, the Aachim refined the potency and attempted to bring Rulke down again. Unfortunately, the Gift of Rulke instilled in the Charon's Zain followers had been designed by the Charon to deflect the potency back on the Aachim, rendering it harmless against him.

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