Biographical information



1,000 BTM

Physical description

Old human



Chronological and political information

Rula was the Magister of the Council of Santhenar until her death in 1,000 BTM after attempting the Proscribed Experiments. She was succeeded by Mendark, and was considered the greatest Magister of all time.

Biography Edit

Little was known about Rula, except that she was considered the greatest Magister of the Council of Santhenar. She died in 1,000 BTM, after the strain of using the dangerous Proscribed Experiments killed her. Despite being an opponent of Rulke, it was known that he admired her.

It was said that before her death, she personally selected Mendark to succeed her as Magister and suggested that the Council make use of the rivalry between Rulke and Kandor.

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