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Selial was the leader of the Syndics of Shazmak during the Time of the Mirror. She became the leader of all the Aachim following Tensor's rebellion at Katazza.


As leader of the Syndics, Selial presided over the trial of Karan Fyrn at Shazmak after Tensor accused her of stealing the fabled Mirror of Aachan from Yggur and failing to relinquish it to the Aachim. Unlike Tensor, Selial radiated a sense of impartiality and justice throughout the trial, and was the only Aachim in Shazmak with the strength and power to stand up to the Aachim leader during his persecution of Karan. Selial and the Syndics ultimately found Karan innocent of all charges due to trickery performed by the young sensitive using her powers. Following Tensor's capture of Faelamor, Selial granted Emmant the half-Aachim's wish to speak to the age-old leader of the Faellem in her cell. Faelamor ultimately seduced Emmant into helping her escape, and the city of Shazmak was ultimately sacked by Gháshád as a result. Although many Aachim were slaughtered, Selial managed to escape the carnage with a band of other Aachim; however, she was unable to come to grips with her actions leading to the destruction of Shazmak.

Selial's band of Aachim eventually met up with another group, led by Tensor, who had fled Thurkad in the aftermath of the Aachim leaders betrayal of the Council of Santhenar during the Great Conclave. During the Aachim's march towards and through the Dry Sea Selial joined forces with another senior Aachim, Malien, in an effort to stand against Tensor. After reaching Katazza, Tensor was forced to stand down as Aachim leader, and Selial became de facto leader in his place, due to her leadership of the Syndics. However, Selial remained wracked by guilt over her part in the sacking of Shazmak, and her nerve constantly failed her during difficult situations, forcing Malien to often take charge.

When the Aachim were forced to take up arms against Tensor to prevent him opening the Nightland to take revenge upon Rulke, Selial's nerve failed her yet again, resulting in Malien being gravelly injured and Tensor managing to release Rulke. Tensor dramatically underestimated Rulke's strength and the company only survived due to the Aachim combining their powers with the recent arrivals led by Mendark.

Following her failure to deal with Tensor and the strain of the confrontation with Rulke, Selial's health dramatically declined, and she passed away at the site of the Rainbow Bridge, the greatest of the Aachim's creations on Santhenar, which had been designed by her great-grandmother.


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