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Shuthdar was an old human of Santhenar who was a master smith. He was summoned by Rulke to Aachan and there created the Golden Flute at his behest. Shuthdar betrayed Rulke and after the Flute was completed he stole it, using it to create a gate back to Santhenar and inadvertently opened the Way Between the Worlds.

A five hundred year long hunt for the Golden Flute ensued, in which Faellem, Aachim, Charon and old humans all participated. Only one person, Nassi, ever learnt Shuthdar's method for using the Flute and layed down that knowledge at her institue at Saludith before her death.

Shuthdar himself died at Huling's Tower, where he fell in love with Fiachra and as his last act protected her from the destruction his death using the Flute would cause. The Forbidding also formed at this time and for thousands of years it was presumed it was Shuthdar who caused this.

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