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210 ATM

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Old human



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T'lisp was a scrutator and a member of the Council of Scrutators. She was present when Scrutator Xervish Flydd appeared at Nennifer, with information that confirmed the existance of lyrinx torgnadrs.

Scrutator T'lisp also accompanied Chief Scrutator Ghorr and his deputy Fusshte, in their search for Xervish Flydd after he was made a slave and subsequently escaped. It was through her mastery of the Art that the Seeker, Ullii, was captured and helped to track Flydd and his allies to Fiz Gorgo.

During the attack on Fiz Gorgo, T'lisp was ordered by Ghorr to exercise her control over Ullii. In the process, Ullii used her strange talents to kill T'lisp gruesomely.

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