The taphloid is an eggshaped, magical artefact that was passed down from Kandor to Yggur but his mother took it and sold it. it ended up in the hands of Maelys' father Rudigo,  which he passed on to Maelys Nifferlin. It was given to her to suppress the aura created by her gift. It helped to defeat Stilkeen. It is not known how Rudigo obtained the taphloid. Hieroglyphics often appear on the taphloid's surface, then fade away.

Kandor had created this artefact to contain lessons for Yggur, and within it he had inserted a vial of chthonic fire, which turned out to be the source of Yggur's Art. It was meant to be understood by Yggur only. However, Rudigo also implanted some lessons into the taphloid for Maelys. The combination of lessons and intentions caused the knowledge to be corrupted and unable to be retrieved by Yggur nor Maelys.

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