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Thyllan was a member of the Council of Santhenar and a mancer of considerable skill. In 0 BTM, Thyllan illegally overthrew Mendark, his enemy, as Magister of the Council. However, during the Great Conclave, Thyllan was gravely weakened by Tensor's use of the mind-blasting potency and Mendark reinstated himself as Magister.

During the First Battle of Thurkad, Thyllan fled to the Wharf City along with the rest of the Council, where he attempted to again overthrow Mendark, but was instead humiliated by him in a show of his superior skill with the Art.

Much later, Thyllan attempted to seize Thurkad from Yggur and instigated the Second Battle of Thurkad. Thyllan's army was highly successful, however, he was overthrown following his loss in a duel against Maigraith.

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